BRIGHTER DAYS! Corp. established in Columbia in 1982 and incorporated in 1994, is owned by Randy Fletcher. We have been serving the Columbia, MO area since our inception here and over the years have grown, along with Columbia, in quality and scope.


Randy arrived in Columbia as a transplant from Lawrence, Kansas where he got started in the painting and window cleaning business using his father’s wooden 32’ extension ladder and his wife’s Pinto sedan. Randy soon acquired a rusty Pinto wagon (a little more room for tools and ladders) which he brush painted with yellow Rust-oleum and hand painted a sign on the vinyl “woody” sides. A few more ladders and BRIGHTER DAYS! was born. Here it is parked outside Randy’s former residence on Apple Tree Ct. in Columbia.


Randy decided on the name BRIGHTER DAYS! for his company for some rather philosophical reasons. A line – “brighten your day” – in a song about meditating written by a friend gave him the name. The words, to Randy, convey a sense of hope for a future that is blessed by the Teacher that is expected by all the various religions, but who call him by different names. It conveys a time of clearer vision and a putting in order of “our house” – our world – not by force of top down rules and threat of violence or incarceration, but by inner realization of the rule of love in the heart and in the mind so that we govern ourselves with wisdom and awareness of love at the heart of all beings – and even all things.


The name seemed to fit well with the window cleaning and painting services Randy was offering as far as physically brightening one’s surroundings and he soon adopted the BRIGHTER DAYS! tag line: “Here’s to clear vision and houses in order”. Employees and customers should not be considered to necessarily agree with Randy’s philosophical leanings, but to simply be interested in quality work.


The company is small so that quality control can remain high. We have seven employees, two of whom are mainly occupied with residential window cleaning leaving four to do most of the painting services along with Randy himself who does the estimating and job and office managing.


We tend to get booked up for some of our services for months in advance so, if possible, call us well ahead of the time you want to have the work done. Also ask us about our Winter discount on interior painting. We look forward to your call. 573-449-5185

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