The typical exterior will be power washed to remove dirt and oxidation and we’ll use a mildewcide when mold is present.Then the prep work begins in earnest with minor repairs to siding and trim and with scraping and sanding off of all loose paint, loose caulking and glazing compounds etc. When working on your openable window exteriors we will mask off the interior of the window to prevent dust from getting inside. When lead paint is present we follow the EPA RRP rules for disturbance of lead paint using HEPA vacuum sanders to contain the dust and debris created during the prep work.


Quality oil base primer is still the primer of choice for exterior bare wood and bare siding. We typically apply this product by brush and roller to exterior surfaces so that it can be pushed into crevices, deep set nails, and under lap edges, etc. Spraying is fast, but unless it is a stain product that is designed to soak into the surface, it is generally an inferior and less effectual way of applying the product.


Once the primer is dry we make sure all unsightly gaps are filled with top of the line “lifetime” caulk.

We always recommend using the the best grade of a brand’s exterior paint. Why go to all that work and then skimp on the paint? Our favorites are Benjamin Moore’s Aura and Sherwin Williams’ Emerald.


We typically clean the exteriors of your windows to properly finish your paint job. All that power washing and sanding and so forth can make them kind of messy and it just makes the whole project shine when were done.


Whether it is a quality rare wood door you need stained or refinished or a fiberglass door that needs a new finish we have the skills to do the job right so give us a call at 573-449-5185


When it comes to your interior work we strive to keep the areas we are working in as clean as possible and go easy on your furniture, floors and carpets by always using drop cloths and covering your furniture with plastic. We are happy to move the furniture to the center of the room for you and do what ever we can to make the process of painting your interior as pleasant for you as possible.

We begin an interior job by getting things moved and covered up, repair cracks in drywall or plaster, repair texture of ceilings or walls, kill stains with oil base stain killer and use top of the line low, or no, VOC top coats from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams or from whatever brand you prefer.


We make sure our coatings are applied professionally with no skips and misses, roller tracks or lack of finesse between cutting and rolling; with no over painting on trim or spatter on floors or counters etc.


When we have any significant amount of sanding to do such as on a dry wall patch we use a vacuum attachment to minimize the creation of excess dust. When we pick up our drops at the end of the job we vacuum up any debris left on the floors.


No problem – whether you have new trim you want to stain and finish, or old trim you just want touched up, we can get it to the color you want with a smooth protective finish in the desired degree of gloss. Call us at 573-449-5185

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